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Indiana Insurance - Contact Chuck to file a claimFiling a Claim

If you have a claim to file, contact us or directly contact your carrier as soon as you can.  

Please keep in mind, though, that even if you had a check in your hand instantly after a loss, your problem still would not be solved. We don’t want any of our customers who find themselves in the position of having to file a claim to have a bad experience. We know that because of your loss, accident, or other mishap, you already aren’t happy. At this bad time for you, it is our time to deliver on our promise to give you the best possible customer service—to guide you to ensure you receive what your policy—your contract with the insurance carrier—says it should.

 When something bad happens and you think you may have a claim:  

  • First, make sure everyone is safe and seek medical attention as needed. After all, people can’t be replaced. 
  • When you become aware of a problem, stop any further chance of damage/injury. Most insurance policies require you do this if you are to be covered for further losses to property, etc.
  • Note the situation’s circumstances (who, what, where, how, and when) and identify all parties and witnesses by name, address. If things happen very quickly, gather as much information as you can. Please always consider your own safety and be practical in terms of what you do to gather information. Example: We would never expect that you would risk your life to save a valuable item inside a burning house. We do find it helpful when customers provide us with photos of things that have been damaged or are being damaged. If you have handy access to a digital camera or a camera on your cell phone, use it to make records. Images can help to improve the overall speed in handling your claim.
  • Contact our agency or your company directly to report the event that has lead to or may lead to a claim.
  • If applicable, obtain an estimate for repairs from a qualified business or service that is established and insured. Note that who you use is your choice; we provide the dollars to pay the bill. If a hotel or auto rental is needed, you could contact them directly to prepare them for being able to accommodate you and to work with your insurance carrier.
  • Generally, claimants are contacted within 24 hours and possibly the same day. If your claim warrants expediency, please be sure to let us know, so we can try to move your claim up in priority for the carrier. Often the process of adjusting (evaluating) the claim can be expedited, depending on how dire the circumstances.
  • Some insurance carriers choose to use their own claims adjusters or sometimes they’ll use an independent claims adjuster. An insurance adjuster is someone who evaluates the damage and helps the company assess what allowance it will make for the damage. The adjuster may want to personally inspect the property or he or she may choose to rely on other means of verification—such as photos and a phone conversation. We urge you to record all expenses you have associated with the loss and help the adjuster help you. Claims adjusters are accustomed to speaking with people who have not ever had an accident or loss, and they will help to guide you. Note they usually manage many claims cases at one time, but they do try to use their time efficiently, because they know your claim has put your life on hold.

To summarize you have to use good common sense and be patient.  
It always seems longer, when something bad has happened and often we over react.
  Do what any other normal person should do after you have had a claim.                 

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